Question: Does Keystone First Cover Eyeglasses?

Does Keystone first pay for abortions?

First and second trimester terminations of pregnancy require prior authorization and are covered in the following two circumstances: The member’s life is endangered if she were to carry the pregnancy to term.

The pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest..

Is Keystone First Blue Cross?

Keystone First is a Blue Cross Medical Assistance (Medicaid) managed care health product offered by Vista Health Plan, Inc., an affiliate of Independence Blue Cross, in five Southeastern Pennsylvania counties.

What does keystone first cover for dental?

Dental benefits for members over age 21, who are eligible for dental benefits, are eligible for: 1 dental exam and 1 cleaning, every 6 months. Pulpotomies (removal of pulp) for pain relief. Re-cementing of crowns (re-gluing the crown).

Does Medicaid cover abortions in PA?

Currently, 16 states, including New Jersey and New York, cover abortion through their Medicaid programs. As it stands, Pennsylvania law prohibits the use of state funds to perform an abortion except in the case of rape or incest or to protect the life of the mother.

Does Keystone first pay for gym memberships?

Great news! Your Keystone First Focus on Fitness gym program is now better than ever. No cost to you. No age limit.

What kind of insurance is keystone first?

MedicaidKeystone First is Pennsylvania’s largest Medical Assistance (Medicaid) managed care health plan serving more than 400,000 Medical Assistance recipients in Southeastern Pennsylvania including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties.

How do I get Keystone First Insurance?

Enroll Now Call 1-800-440-3989 (TTY users call 1-800-618-4225) for PA Enrollment Services. The HealthChoices enrollment specialists help people who are enrolled in the Medical Assistance program to choose a health plan. They have information about Keystone First and can answer your questions.

Is Keystone First Community HealthChoices Medicaid?

Keystone First Community HealthChoices Participants are: Ages 21 years and older with physical disabilities and receiving Medical Assistance physical health managed care services and LTSS. Ages 21 years and older and dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid whether or not they need LTSS.

How much is an abortion in Philadelphia PA?

The cost of your abortion procedure will go up depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Within 10 weeks of pregnancy, the abortion pill starts at $450 and can be up to $1,000. Surgical abortions in the first trimester, up to 13 weeks of pregnancy, can cost up to $1,500.

Is Keystone Mercy the same as Keystone first?

In 2012, backed by parent companies Independence Blue Cross and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Keystone Mercy became Keystone First. Today, Keystone First serves more than 300,000 Medical Assistance recipients in the five-county Greater Philadelphia area.

What is Keystone First Community HealthChoices?

Keystone First Community HealthChoices (CHC) is a managed care organization.

Is Keystone Health Plan East part of Blue Cross?

With a Keystone Health Plan East HMO from Independence Blue Cross, you can see any doctor or visit any hospital in the Keystone Health Plan East network. You pick a primary care physician (PCP), or family doctor, to coordinate your care.

Does Keystone first cover physical therapy?

Therapy services, after the first 24 combined visits, including outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy services; aquatic therapy; and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services with a Keystone First network provider.

What is Keystone HMO?

With a Keystone HMO plan from Independence Blue Cross, you can see any doctor or visit any hospital in the Keystone Health Plan East network. You pick a primary care physician (PCP), or family doctor, to coordinate your care. Your PCP will treat you for general health needs and refer you to specialists as needed.

Does Keystone first cover breast pumps?

Keystone First will approve an electric breast pump ONLY once/per member. Members will NOT get a new pump with each baby. If the equipment malfunctions, members are to notify the manufacturer for repair options. Please advise members to keep the original shipping box for potential repairs.