Question: Which Recorder Is Least Suggested In AA?

Do we need access to control room for uploading a bot?

Answer: We need automation during bot uploading and execution in a control room always and it is designed so perfectly that every point of process automation is from bot creation to its running, setting triggers, creating workflows and its monitoring and result processing..

Which command is more prescribed while creating a bot?

Insert keystrokesExplanation: Insert keystrokes are considered as the most recommended command for creating a bot. These bots are implemented as tasks.

What is the exact order in Automation Anywhere most friendly moderate friendly least friendly format?

The exact order in automation anywhere – most friendly-moderate friendly – least friendly formats is Word -Excel – Text file .

What is smart recorder in Automation Anywhere?

The smart recorder captures the entire activity as object cloning. It provides more flexibility during recording tasks that involve various technologies like Java, HTML, and Flex. Smart Recorder in automation anywhere key points : The recorder is based on the provided window title.

On which type of clients can we schedule tasks from control room?

From control room, the types of clients that we can schedule tasks are- the runtime client as well as development client. Run Time Client offers a convenient option of running your automation tasks on multiple machines at the automation.

What variable is returned when the string operation’s join command is used?

What variable is returned when the String Operation’s Join command is used? Options are : Value. Password.

Which system variable is used to read the data from your CSV text file?

table columnSystem variable called called table column is used to read text and csv files in automation. It takes lesser resources to read text and CSV files.

Which method can a developer use to debug a task inside workbench?

Which of the following methods can a developer use to debug a task using the Task Editor? Options are : Enable debugging then function keys. Directly using function keys.

What will the correct order automation anywhere most friendly?

Answer. Most friendly – Moderate friendly – Least friendly is the correct formats in the Automation Anywhere.

Which recorder is least suggested in automation anywhere Coursehero?

Questions: Which recorder is least recommended in automation anywhere? – Smart Recorder Which system variable is used to read the text and csv files? – Table Column Web Recorder can also be used to work with windows or desktop applications? – False It is optional to provide CSV path for pattern based data extraction in …

Which one is not a valid trigger type?

The correct answer is option A. Performance is not a valid trigger type in Automation Anywhere. The rest three are valid triggers in Automation Anywhere. The strength of event driven automation lies in triggers which play the role of a catalyst is starting any automated task.

Which command we can use to hold the BOT execution?

Delay is the command we can use to hold the bot execution for some specific amount of time and then continue. Delay () is used for delaying the execution of the script for a particular amount of time. The function can be used as “function delay (ms)”.