Quick Answer: Does Touche Mean Right Back At You?

What does it mean when someone says right back at you?

An exclamation used to express the same sentiment back to the original speaker; same as “you too” and “same to you.” Primarily heard in US, South Africa.

A: “You’re one of the nicest people I know.” B: “Aw, thanks.

Right back at you!” A: “You act like an idiot sometimes.” B: “Right back at you, you jerk.”.

How is Touche used in a sentence?

A: – used as an acknowledgment during a discussion of a good or clever point made at one’s expense by another person. ““You haven’t contributed much, this evening.” “How could I have?” “Touché. I do go on.””

How do you say ditto professionally?

dittoakin,alike,analogous,cognate,comparable,connate,correspondent,corresponding,More items…

What does Touche mean in slang?

Touché is defined as a word used to acknowledge a clever point made at someone else’s expense. An example of touché is what you say when you are having a conversation with someone and they make a point at your expense, showing why they are right and you are wrong. interjection. 0.

Is saying ditto rude?

Kind of rude. What she means is not just “I agree,” but “I hereby say the same.” Ditto still carries the concept of actual saying with it. It performs an act of saying by merely pointing back to already said words.

Is Touche a compliment?

it’s used when during an argument or discussion , someone gains an advantage over you by giving a clever argument , you acknowledge by saying touche !

What is another word for Touche?

What is another word for touché?humiliationdisgraceopprobriumcondescensiondiscomfiturereprobationsnubvitiationcomedownrebuff167 more rows

What is the opposite of Touche?

Interjection. Opposite of used to express the admission of one’s mistake or error. I maintain my position.

How do you say right back at you?

right back at ya / synonymsreturn the compliment. phr.same goes. phr.same applies. phr.also goes. phr.same here. phr.say the same. phr.second the motion. phr.right behind ya. phr.More items…

What Ditto means in English?

transitive verb. 1 : to repeat the action or statement of. 2 : to copy (something, such as printed matter) on a duplicator. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about ditto.

How do you respond to Touche?

Originally Answered: What’s a succinct, touche retort to a sarcastic answer? “Indeed”.

What language is Touche?

Touché is merely the past participle of “toucher” (Old French: Touchier), and it, like all Romance language words for touch, derives from Latin “toccare,” not from any Germanic source.

Do Ditto mean right back at you?

It is a common way to state that you feel the same way as the other person, for example: Your friend tells you that you look great and you say, “”Right back at you” meaning that you think she looks great as well. One could use the slang word “ditto” in the same way.

What is right back?

Wiktionary. right back(Noun) a defender who normally plays on the right side of the field.

What is the proper way to use the word literally?

In its standard use literally means ‘in a literal sense, as opposed to a non-literal or exaggerated sense’, for example: I told him I never wanted to see him again, but I didn’t expect him to take it literally. They bought the car and literally ran it into the ground.