Quick Answer: Is Payor A Scrabble Word?

What does payor mean?

Legal Definition of payor : a person who pays specifically : the person by whom a note or bill has been or should be paid..

Is Fave a Scrabble word?

FAVE is a valid scrabble word.

Is drawer a real word?

drawers, (used with a plural verb) an undergarment, with legs, that covers the lower part of the body. a person or thing that draws. … a person who draws an order, draft, or bill of exchange.

What is a payor in healthcare?

A payer, or sometimes payor, is a company that pays for an administered medical service. An insurance company is the most common type of payer. A payer is responsible for processing patient eligibility, enrollment, claims, and payment.

Who is bearer?

the person who presents an order for money or goods: Pay to the bearer.

Is retina a Scrabble word?

The letters AEINRT (or RETINA) are all very common in a standard set of Scrabble tiles. If you find yourself with all six of those letters, take note of that seventh letter to see if you can bingo with it!

Is payer a Scrabble word?

PAYER is a valid scrabble word.

Is fovea a Scrabble word?

FOVEA is a valid scrabble word.

Who is called drawer?

Drawer: the person or entity whose transaction account is to be drawn. Usually, the drawer’s name and account is preprinted on the cheque, and the drawer is usually the signatory. Payee: the person or entity who is to be paid the amount.

Who is a drawer and drawee?

Drawee is a legal and banking term used to describe the party that has been directed by the depositor to pay a certain sum of money to the person presenting the check or draft. … The bank that cashes your check is the drawee, your employer who wrote the check is the drawer, and you are the payee.

What is bearer Cheque?

What is a Bearer Cheque? A bearer cheque can be used to be payable as Cash or bearer with a specific name. … The cheque is payable over the counter to the bearer or the presenter of the cheque by the drawee bank. A bearer cheque can be transferred to another person.

What is the difference between payor and payer?

As nouns the difference between payor and payer is that payor is (healthcare|medical insurance) the maker of a payment while payer is one who pays; specifically, the person by whom a bill or note has been, or should be, paid.

Is payor a word?

Payor, often spelled payer, is defined as the person paying. An example of a payor is the person who takes care of all the household bills. See payer.