Quick Answer: What Does Ngai Tahu Own?

Where did Ngai Tahu come from?

Tribal origins Ngāi Tahu trace their tribal identity back to Paikea, who lived in the Polynesian homeland of Hawaiki.

To escape being killed at sea by his brother, he came to New Zealand on the back of a whale.

Ngāi Tahu share this ancestor with the Ngāti Porou people..

What is the difference between iwi and hapu?

The largest political grouping in pre-European Māori society was the iwi (tribe). This usually consisted of several related hapū (clans or descent groups). The hapū of an iwi might sometimes fight each other, but would unite to defend tribal territory against other tribes.

Did Ngai Tahu sign the Treaty of Waitangi?

Many Ngāi Tahu women married whalers, and the tribe was no stranger to European ways. When seven high-ranking southern chiefs signed the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, it was seen as a convenient arrangement between equals. … Ngāi Tahu made its first claim against the Crown for breach of contract in 1849.

How much land does Ngai Tahu own?

Our rural developments consist of 52,000 hectares of rural land in Canterbury and the West Coast of the South Island.

Is it rude to call someone from New Zealand a Kiwi?

A judge noted that the term was commonly used by New Zealanders themselves. “Calling a New Zealander a ‘Kiwi’ is not of itself offensive. ‘Kiwi’ is not an insult,” said Judge Leonie Farrell. She added that the word was often viewed as a “term of endearment”.

Do churches in NZ pay tax?

Churches across New Zealand do a lot of that work for the government – some having contracts. … “A situation has developed in New Zealand where basically any organisation can decide that it wants to be a charity and run a business and pay no income tax,” he said.

Where do sanitarium profits go?

All of Sanitarium’s profits are transferred to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia which in turn operates charitable activities which include educational and health services and community programs to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.

How religious is NZ?

More than 2 million New Zealanders say they have no religion, Stats NZ said today. … The 2018 Census results showed almost half the population (48.2 percent) had no religion, compared with 41.9 percent in the 2013 Census, 34.6 percent in the 2006 Census, and 29.6 in the 2001 Census.

How much is Ngai Tahu worth?

Ngāi Tahu HoldingsTrade nameNgāi Tahu HoldingsAreas servedNew Zealand, Fiji, Australia, China, United States of AmericaKey peopleMike Sang (CEO)Net incomeNZ$168.73 Million (2016)Total assetsNZ$1.503 Billion (2016)8 more rows

Do Ngai Tahu pay taxes?

Ngāi Tahu is exempt from income tax because the sole shareholder for all its businesses is a registered charity. Many New Zealanders may be unaware the maker of their favourite breakfast cereal is owned by a church. … But because it is a church, Sanitarium have never paid income tax.

What is the biggest tribe in NZ?

Largest iwi by populationNgāpuhi – 125,601 (in 2013) – based in the Northland Region.Ngāti Porou – 71,049 (in 2013) – based in Gisborne and East Cape.Ngāti Kahungunu – 61,626 (in 2013) – based on the east coast of the North Island.Ngāi Tahu – 54,819 (in 2013) – based in the South Island.More items…

How many members are there in Ngai Tahu?

58,000 membersNgāi Tahu has done incredibly well in managing and growing its collective wealth. However, with more than 58,000 members spread throughout Aotearoa and the world, we must manage the significant needs of our people, against what in reality is a limited pool of funds based on our size.

How much is Tainui worth?

Waikato’s Tainui iwi has recorded total tribal assets worth more than $1 billion for the first time since the $170 million settlement of its Treaty of Waitangi claims by the Bolger government in 1995.

When did Ngai Tahu settle?

1998Settlement, 1998 In 1998, after nearly 150 years, Ngāi Tahu completed their efforts to have the Crown address their grievances. They signed a Deed of Settlement that provided compensation valued at $170 million.

What does Ngai Tahu mean?

Ngāi Tahu – the iwi. … Ngāi Tahu means the ‘people of Tahu’, linking us to our eponymous ancestor Tahu Pōtiki. Within the iwi there are five primary hapū being Kāti Kurī, Ngāti Irakehu, Kāti Huirapa, Ngāi Tūāhuriri and Ngāi Te Ruahikihiki.