Quick Answer: What Languages Do Celebrities Speak?

Can Arnold Schwarzenegger speak Russian?

In an interview, he said that until he met Arnold Schwarzenegger and the others in the film he thought of himself as a muscular and tough actor.

He subsequently described himself as a “small potato”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger spent three months learning to speak Russian..

What celebrity speaks most languages?

14 Celebrities Who Speak Multiple LanguagesMila Kunis’ native tongue is Russian. … Jon Heder speaks fluent Japanese. … Shakira can speak four languages. … Tom Hiddleston speaks four languages. … Natalie Portman speaks fluent Hebrew, along with five other languages. … Viggo Mortensen grew up speaking three languages fluently.More items…•

What celebrities can speak other languages?

Here are our favorite polyglot – a person that speaks several languages – celebrities:Mila Kunis – Russian. … Sandra Bullock – German. … Zoe Saldana – Spanish. … Bradley Cooper – French. … Leonardo DiCaprio – German. … Johnny Depp – French. … Diane Kruger – German and French. … Sandra Oh – Korean and French.More items…

How many languages does Beckham speak?

EnglishDavid Beckham/Languages

Is speaking 5 languages impressive?

If you really know five languages – that is, you are able to carry on a conversation in each – that is impressive regardless of age or location. In the U.S., even just being fluent in two languages is impressive. Only about 15–20% of the population knows more than one language.

Can Beckham speak Spanish?

A defiant David Beckham, speaking Spanish in public for the first time, last night rounded on critics who had suggested he could no longer compete in top-level football.

What language do footballers speak?

Usually spanish, but for example Toni Kroos and Bale will speak english, with most people understanding them. On the pitch for simple instructions a little bit of yelling and sign language will also do.

What languages does Zlatan speak?

EnglishSpanishSwedishItalianBosnianZlatan Ibrahimović/Languages

Is Jack Black bilingual?

Stars who speak other languages – Jack Black has taught himself both French and Spanish.

Who is the most famous polyglot?

Ziad FazahZiad Fazah, born in Liberia, brought up in Beirut and now living in Brazil, claims to be the world’s greatest living polyglot, speaking a total of 59 world languages. He has been ‘tested’ on Spanish television, where it was not clear just how well he could communicate in some of them.

Can Clint Eastwood speak Italian?

Clint Eastwood acted in Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy. As Leone didn’t speak any English they needed an interpreter at first, but later Clint took a crash course to work with the director and learned to speak some Italian. … He learned Italian as a “mark of respect” and he actually speaks Italian very fluently!

What languages does Beyonce speak?


What languages can Emma Watson speak?

EnglishFrenchEmma Charlotte Duerre Watson/Languages

Is Zlatan an Albanian?

— From his autobiography, I Am Zlatan. Ibrahimović was born in Malmö, Sweden, on 3 October 1981. He was born to a Muslim Bosniak father, Šefik Ibrahimović, who emigrated to Sweden in 1977, and a Catholic Croat mother of partial Albanian descent, Jurka Gravić, who also emigrated to Sweden where the couple first met.

Which football player speaks most languages?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who speaks six languages, and other polyglot football stars – in picturesZlatan Ibrahimovic, left, has travelled across the globe. … Henrikh Mkhitaryan is arguably the most multi-lingual footballer; he speaks Armenian, French, Portuguese, Russian, English, German and Italian.More items…•