Would A Spinosaurus Beat At Rex?

What could kill at Rex?

rex that could hinder its ability to hunt and survive could be fatal.

Thus, any animal that could inflict such an injury would call for caution on even an adult Rex’s behaviour.

This includes other large predatory dinosaurs and crocodiles and large herbivores like triceratops, ankylosaurs and any sauropods of the time..

How strong is a Giganotosaurus bite?

It was capable of biting with a force of 35586 N (8000 pounds of force), which is a force similar to the weight of three small cars, or two medium-sized ones!

What was the smartest dinosaur?

TroodonTroodon had a large brain for its relatively small size and was probably among the smartest dinosaurs. Its brain is proportionally larger than those found in living reptiles, so the animal may have been as intelligent as modern birds, which are more similar in brain size.

Could a pack of raptors kill at Rex?

Tyrannosaurus rex is an animal best left alone. Of course, if you are meaning any T. rex, it will only take one. A raptor of any sort could quite easily kill a hatchling tyrannosaur if it was lucky enough to find one alone.

Who is stronger than T Rex?

Rex’s. Bite strength in Galapagos finches is unusually powerful for their size. The mighty Tyrannosaurus rex’s bite was far less impressive for its body size than the bite of a much smaller modern dinosaur — a tiny Galapagos finch.

Is the Indoraptor stronger than the Indominus Rex?

Boomstick : Not surprised! Whoever said the Indoraptor was a more terrifying version of the I-Rex clearly didn’t know her. Wiz : The Indoraptor may have been faster and much more agile, but he was curbstomped by the Indominus Rex’s sheer size and power.

Would at Rex attack a human?

rex hunting for humans would be a lot like a tiger hunting housecats. Big dinosaurs may chase you off or attack you if you disturb them, but puny humans aren’t going to be a great food source. … Anything smaller than that (Velociraptor, Coelophysis, many more) is unlikely to hunt humans by itself. Other options!

Why is the Spinosaurus the deadliest dinosaur?

Special structures in its snout helped it detect pressure waves caused by prey moving in the water. Nevertheless, Spinosaurus was fast, strong and possessed a cruel set of claws, meaning it could likely hold its own against other massive predators, like Carcharodontosaurus, who shared its territory.

Would a 50 cal kill at Rex?

Yes many of the larger dinosaurs like a triceratops or a T-Rex could survive bullet wounds from a modern firearm. … Weapons like a Barrett 50 caliber or something similar could probably bring down most dinosaurs but would require careful shot placement as with hunting any large game.

Can a Spinosaurus beat a T Rex?

Could Spinosaurus in fact defeat T. … Spinosaurus was probably a bit longer than T. rex, though it was more lightly built. But Spinosaurus lived 10-30 million years before T.

Who is bigger T Rex vs carcharodontosaurus?

Other estimations have concluded that the largest known Tyrannosaurus specimens had a weight exceeding 9 tonnes. T. rex takes this because it is more muscular, strong, power, intelligent, robust, protected, agile and faster than the Carcharodontosaurus.

Who can beat at Rex?

A Tyrannosaurus Rex might be known for its ferocious bite, but now scientists say a caiman that lived eight million years ago, had a bite TWICE as powerful. Known as Purussaurus brasiliensis, the reptilian predator lived in the Amazon region in South America.

Who was the strongest dinosaur?

A: The strongest was probably the biggest, ultrasauros, who was six-stories high. Or, among meat-eaters, T. rex. Q: In the book The Biggest Dinosaurs by Michael Berenstain, it says that the seismosaurus, found in Mexico, might be larger than the ultrasaurus.

Is carcharodontosaurus bigger than Giganotosaurus?

Carcharodontosaurus is most likely larger. Let’ see… Sereno had Carcharodontosaurus saharicus at ~13.7 meters in his now-defunct site, and estimates using Acrocanthosaurus as a base can get it above ~14+ meters. Giganotosaurus was estimated by *ScottHartman at ~12.4-13.2 meters long.

Did T Rex have feathers?

Scientists now believe that all tyrannosaurs had feathers; while small species like Dilong would have been covered with them, the adult T. rex probably had just patches for display. The advantage T. rex had on its ancestors was its growth spurt.

Is Spinosaurus more powerful than T Rex?

In summary, the Spinosaurus existed before the T-Rex, is larger, did not exist on Earth at the same time, and are different in appearance. If the two dinosaurs existed at the same time, the T-Rex would be much more powerful than the Spinosaurus.

What dinosaur can beat a Spinosaurus?

In the movie Jurassic Park III, the Spinosaurus is the biggest and baddest dinosaur yet, a worse villain even than Tyrannosaurus rex. Could Spinosaurus in fact defeat T….Spinosaurus vs. T. rex.SpinosaurusT. rexCarnivore?YesYes10 more rows•Feb 21, 2017

Did Spinosaurus fight carcharodontosaurus?

The biggest carnivorous dinosaurs that ever lived. … Forced out of its aquatic habitat by a changing climate, Spinosaurus challenges the terrestrial Carcharodontosaurus over a freshly killed dinosaur. Spinosaurus is bigger, but Carcharodontosaurus has a more powerful bite.